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GI has Good expertise in offering End to End encrypted solutions for Scratch lottery systems with many features and packages. As one of the largest lottery terminal operator, We provide our lottery solutions in India and International market capable to handle robust transactions. Along with sales tracking system, we integrate built-in accounting support with the application program. This saves customers the time and cost for installation of additional accounting packages and data re-entry. We make it also convenient to combine the sports betting platform into the existing Lottery Platform.

GI offers comprehensive scratch lottery management solution for operators involved in the scratch lottery and physical paper lottery operations. GI's solution have the following modules:

  • bullets SysmbolTicket Generation
  • bullets SysmbolSingle Ticket Tracking
  • bullets SysmbolDistribution and Sales
  • bullets SysmbolLogistics and Inventory
  • bullets SysmbolTicket Validation
  • bullets SysmbolMobiles and Tabs Sales POS
  • bullets Sysmbol360o Reporting Module

Scratch Ticket Sales Tracking system is a sales tracking system that can be used to manage the inventory of any scratch card-based product and the sales can be tracked by scanning the barcode. An Instant alert is sent when the ticket stock inventory is low at any particular point of sale. All Prize winning scratch tickets can be validated through the system.

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