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You and us, we are the winning team!
GI's gaming technology powers more than 50,000 lottery and gaming terminals across ten countries.
We deliver state of the art gaming content and lottery technology in some of the most challenging environments globally. We have pioneered cloud based, highly reliable, secure and scalable central systems platforms and innovative delivery channels through terminals, web and mobile that are guaranteed to deliver best in class price performance. We are GI, together with you, we are the winning team!

  GI Tech’s gaming suite is powered by powerful GI GAMING™ core transaction engine for all online games and gaming suites. GI Tech’s gaming suite covers following forms of lotteries and gaming:
  • Online Lottery
  • Scratch & E Paper lottery solution
  • Sports Betting
  • Skill Games
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  Mobile Based Lottery Distribution System  
  This is a patented innovation in lottery distribution technology and GI’s contribution to global lottery industry.GI’s solution uses mobile phones instead of costly terminals to be used as point of sales devices. This brings down the investment cost...
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  GI Social Media Management  
  Launch Social & Lottery Apps to reach more audience and engage them socially. One platform to manage all your social assets online from anywhere, anytime Control your online reputation by listening and managing content online Generate more revenue by customizing and running Offer Campaigns online....  
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Online Lottery
GIOLS is a new-age solution designed keeping in mind the dynamic nature of the lottery and the commercial transaction industry and powers more than 12 million transactions per day...
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Sports Betting
GI has developed sports betting products which can support games like soccer, basketball, motor car / bike racing, horse racing and hound racing. GI’s sports betting suite operates...
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Scratch & Paper Lottery ERP
Scratch and Paper Lottery ERP is a scratch lottery and passive lottery management solution which is offered to customers active in the scratch lottery and physical paper lottery operations...
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What We Offer
Online lottery solution
Scratch & E Paper lottery solution
Sports Betting
Skill Games
Video lottery solution
Mobile Lottery Distribution System
GI Tablet Solutions
GI Player Card
Lottery Terminals
Mobile apps for lotteries
Draw Star - Computerized lottery      drawing system
Social Media Management
Remote Management